Improve your Casino Games Strategy

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Improve your Casino Games Strategy

  Improve your Casino Games Strategy

Improve your Casino Games Strategy

Improve your Casino Games Strategy

We all know that most casino games are ultimately games of chance. But why do some people win all the time and others lose all their cash trying? The answers are experience, preparation and research.

But how do you achieve these things and win some cash? The best way is to get some inside information from experienced gamblers.


To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a short list of tips for a variety of games to help you get started.


Money management is the key to online slot machines. The 10 per cent rule is a good one to play by. For example, if you win $500 at slots you could play with 10 per cent of that ($50) and if you win again, play with 10 per cent of that. If you lose it, you could move on to the next machine or call it a day. Either way, you are guaranteed to have some money left.

Video Poker:

 Make sure you’re familiar with the type of video poker game you’re playing and the cards that are important. For example, the most important cards in Jacks or Better are the Jacks and in Deuces Wild, cards with a face value of two can stand in for any other card of any suit. Additionally, the highest hand you can get in Video Poker is a Natural Royal Flush.


 There are two different kinds of roulette wheels. The European wheel has one 0 and the American wheel has both a 0 and a 00. The odds are slightly better on the European wheel so if you’re starting out this should be your choice as you have a higher percentage of winning on each spin.


Always remember that in blackjack you are just trying to beat the dealer, you don’t always have to get as close as possible to 21. Also, know when to split and when to double – these are great tactics you can use to your advantage but employing them at the wrong time can be disastrous.


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