Make Your sports Workout Easy with gym chalk

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Make Your sports Workout Easy with gym chalk

Make Your sports Workout Easy with gym chalk

Make Your sports Workout Easy with gym chalk

Well, gym chalk is a soft compact calcite, made up of various quantities of quartz, silica, feldspar and other mineral impurities which are usually yellow- white or gray-white and are found in fossil seashells.

Gym chalk or as we can call it “Magnesium carbonate” is a white solid that is found in nature as a mineral and is widely used in various sports like rock climbing, gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting and other gym exercises.

This Magnesium carbonate acts as a drying agent for the hands, as it absorbs the entire sweat that is generated during the workout, thus ensuring a strong grip and avoiding the slipping of hands from the equipment.

Steps for using gym chalk:

One can go through the following steps for using gym chalk:

As gym chalks are banned in many gymnasiums due to the mess they create, which is difficult to clean from the equipment afterwards, one should look out for the regulations of the gym that he/she is likely to join.

One must rub the gym chalk thoroughly into his hand, which would help him/her in performing easily on the apparatus by preventing tears and rips in the skin. Gym chalk is also very handy for drying off the generated sweat.

One must gently rub his hands and clap once to remove the extra chalk. To minimize the mess and waste, one must remove the excess chalk in the chalk container only.

Also, one must use a chalk brush regularly on the leather grips to avoid building up chalk in the leather.

Three common forms of Gym Chalk:

Besides this, there are three common forms of Gym Chalk:-

  1. Chalk Powder- Chalk Powder is mostly used in all the gyms but it has a disadvantage as well and that is, it creates a lot of mess in the gym, so one must be very careful while using and removing the chalk powder.
  2. Chalk Ball- Another form of gym chalk is a chalk block, which is also referred to as chalk ball, which is much more efficient than the chalk powder because it prevents a lot of waste and mess and also, lasts longer than the chalk powder. This chalk ball is mainly used in rock climbing and the one who goes for rock climbing keeps a chalk bag, as it is frequently used.When one wants to use the chalk ball, he/she can just put his/her hands inside the chalk bag and roll the chalk ball around his/her hands, it will coat well upon his/her hands.
  1. Liquid Chalk- As the name sounds, this form of chalk is in lotion or spray form. One can apply the lotion around the area he/she wants and within seconds it will automatically turn into a solid chalk. This liquid chalk prevents the messiness and is legal for use in all gymnasiums too.

If you have not used a gym chalk as yet, then you can really give it a shot and compare the difference.

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